In the Brazilian cuisine, most of the meat dishes rely on seafood that is commonly used for most meals. Fried shrimp, calamari, sea-squid, mussels and fresh fish are used for salads, stew or served with side-dishes such as rice and beans. Shrimp is the kind of meat that you will definitely encounter in most dishes, such as moqueca de camarao (shrimp stew), frigideira (seafood frittata), strogonoff de camarao (shrimp stroganoff), or even as a side dish, in the vatapá (spicy shrimp puree). Sometimes cooked in coconut milk, shrimp is the staple of Brazilian meat dishes. Pork is prepared for the lombo con farofa (roast loin of pork accompanied by toasted manioc), beef is used for stakes, while chicken is grilled or prepared in wine. Al types of meat can be prepared sautéed in coconut milk, cooked with Yuca or manioc fries, or served with farofa, a mix of manioc flour, butter and salt.

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