Brazilian snacks are usually represented by small portions of side dishes and they are mostly light and easy to prepare. Tutu de feijão (pinto beans puree) is appreciated as a snack and takes little time to prepare. Cornmeal porridge and beans seasoned with cassava flour are great as side dishes but served as snacks in-between meals as well. Fried pastries are sometimes available, and make for a great Brazilian snack. Acarajé is one of the most delicious fried snacks, and consists of deep fried peas wrapped in crispy dough. Other Brazilian snacks include aipim frita (yuca or manioc fries), Farofa, which can be served as a side dish as well as a snack, and the Brazilian cheese bread served sometimes as an appetizer. White rice with gorgonzola, collard greens (kale), or coconut rice are great for snacks and have a delicious taste as well. Cornstarch cookies are sweet snacks appreciated with any occasion by children and adults as well.

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