A typical Brazilian soup will consist of mixed simmered vegetables, or mixed fish meats, beef, and chicken, boiled with coconut milk. Almost all soups, no matter wheatear they are cleat lighter soups, or thicker richer soups, will be served with bread sticks or fresh baked bread. Sometimes, soup comes as a side dish for the second course. Sopa de Palmito (cream of palm heart soup) is one of the most cooked soups in Brazil, and is basically made of hearts of palm, chicken stock, butter, flour, heavy cream and pepper. Stews are also served as soups, thick, rich and very consistent. Feijoada is such a hearty Brazilian stew, and will be served with cheese bread in most occasions. Moqueca de camarao (shrimp stew, Bahian style) is typically served in a deep soup dish, and has the particularity of three special ingredients: coconut milk, dendi oil and malagueta pepper.

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