The country of Brazil has a rich supply of all kinds of fruits and vegetables, making it very easy for a vegetarian to choose ingredients for a fresh salad or even for a consistent meal. Rice and beans being the staple of this cuisine can be prepared in many ways that will satisfy all tastes. Usually, rice is simply boiled in hot water with olive oil, but more ingenious chefs may add garlic, onions, tomatoes and even black olives. Beans are an important part of the entire Brazilian cuisine, and can be used for salads, for stews or fired and served with bread. Either way, beans come in large varieties, such as brown beans (carioquinha), feijoada black beans, fradinho beans (used in traditional bahian recipe acarajé), white beans, and even chili beans. The fruit variety offers culinary possibilities for any vegetarian that can serve them as part of a fruit salad or mixed with fried rice, for a more exotic dish.

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