Most of the Bulgarian traditional meals end with desserts. The majority of these desserts include cheese, as the main ingredient. As evidence, there are the sweet balls with syrup that contain cheese, besides vanilla, baking soda, sunflower oil and eggs. In Bulgaria, the pies are named banitsa. There are many varieties of this dish, banitsa saralia and milk banitsa being the most important of them. Also, the Bulgarians make use of the local fruits and create dishes such as baked apples with vanilla syrup. A dessert that is similar to the banitsa saralia is the Bulgarian Baklava, which resembles of the Turkish dessert. However, each of the countries from the Balkans declare that the Baklava is their own invention. Besides these, other Bulgarian sweet delicacies are the honey, the halva and tikvenik, that is banitsa based on pumpkin.

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