The meat dishes are appreciated in Bulgaria for their diversity and consistency. The meats that are used more frequently are: lamb, mutton, pork and beef. The Bulgarian traditional meat dishes include stuffed peppers, sarmi, Kebapcheta, Meat on a spit , Kavarma, Wine kebap, Stewed leg of mutton and Lamb drob sarma. Of course, the Bulgarian cuisine features meat dishes based on poultry and especially on chicken. As evidence stands Rustic chicken stew. As Bulgaria has access to the Black Sea, in the coastal areas the fish and the seafood have an important role in the daily diet of the Bulgarians. These dishes are usually served with salads. Soujouk and Lukanka are two types of flat sausages that are usually served as appetizers, but because their main ingredient is the meat, they should be also listed here. The Bulgarians use for the meat dishes only meats or for creating more complex dishes, they mix this ingredient with vegetables.

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