The Bulgarian snacks vary very much. The typical Bulgarian pie called banitsa can be served as either appetizer or snack, depending on the filling. The cheese banitsa is one of the Bulgarian snacks. Also, banitsa with spinach has the same role. Sometimes the Bulgarians seek to serve some food between the main meals. This need resulted in a great development of the snack recipes. Other important Bulgarian snack ingredients and recipes are pita, which is similar to the bread and is used for sandwiches, Mekitsas, round bread loaves with cheese and ears. Ears do not include any animal meat, although they bear this name. The name was given because of the shape. The ingredients that are used to prepare ears are: yeast, flour, butter, sheep cheese and salt. Despite the fact that a low number of ingredients are used to prepare recipes such as this one, the snacks are very appreciated, all over the country.

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