People of Cameroon eat different kind of meat depending on the regions where they stay. The most commonly eaten meat in the northern regions is beef taken from the herds which make up the wealth of North Cameroon. The inhabitants of North Cameroon also eat other livestock products: chickens, goats, sheep, (dogs, pigs, horses, donkeys among certain animists of the mountain regions) and game. The flesh of dog, cats and snakes is especially consumed in Batcham in Bamboutos Division, and in certain parts of Menoua. The larvae of certain insects which are parasites of the palm tree are a special delicacy around these parts of Cameroon. However, the main source of protein for most inhabitants is fish.

Beef with marrow seeds is a popular meat dish especially in the northern regions of Cameroon. The meat is cut into small cubes, while onions are onions put in a casserole and sautéed until brown. The meat is added to the casserole and the mixture is simmered for at least 2 hours. Gombos are diced and added to the casserole at the end of the cooking process.

Smoked Fish with Gombo is a dish traditionally served with corn semolina. Aside from the main ingredients (smoked fish and Gombo), you will need onions, fresh tomatoes, djansang, hot chilli pepper, garlic clove, salt and pepper.

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