Salads are mostly made in Cameroon from vegetable or fruits but there are some recipes that also include meat. Below you can see some of the Cameroonian recipes for salads.

Avocado with seafood is an exotic and tasty salad. In a bowl, mace and lemon juice are blended while you add slowly the mayonnaise. Stir until you get a consistent, thick mixture. In another bowl, you mix the crab or lobster meat and shrimp together. On a large plate, you arrange the lettuce leaves to form cups on plates and you place the avocado halves, peeled, in the centre of the cup. In the end, you fill the lettuce leaves with seafood blended with dressing.

Garri Foto is a salad made from the tubers of cassava leaves and onions, tomatoes, garlic, eggs, salt and black pepper.

Kele-wele is a Cameroonian salad made using plantain bananas cut into bite-sized cubes, cayenne pepper or red pepper, fresh ginger root and palm oil.

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