This category is extremely complex and it includes apple sauce, best Canadian butter tarts, blueberry grunt, bonfire warmer, bread pudding, butter tart coconut squares, Canadian goose, cabbage pickles, Canadian kebabs, dark fruit cake, fish cakes, fried cod tongues, marinated cucumber salad, maple syrup cake, molasses cookies, molasses pudding, moose soup, moose stew, nanaimo bars, Newfoundland flipper pie, cod chowder and lobster salad, old-fashioned potato salad, Quebec salmon pie, salmon salad, saskatoon pie, smoked salmon torta, stewed beans, sugar pie, sweet bread and so on. For example, in order to cook apple sauce you need peeled, cored and sliced apples, water and sugar. As for Canadian kebabs, you need cider vinegar, garlic, maple syrup, green onion, vegetable oil, cloves, salt, pepper and you can also add oranges and whiskey.

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