Central African appetizers can also be used as main courses and vice versa. Usually, the appetizers are considered spicier dishes and crude vegetables or even fruits usually accompany them in order to wash the rather hot flavors. They are usually made from meat, but there are a lot of appetizers that are made only from vegetables or beans. Some Central African people eat a lot of fruits in between meals. You will be surprised to see that people here eat fruit salads as appetizers or even as main courses, but they also eat them as desserts too, depending on the fruits that the salad is made from. As we mentioned before, the Central African people are quite fond of sauces. Thus, sauces quite often accompany appetizers. Both vegetables and meat dishes are usually dipped in strange incredibly tasty sauces. Some of the most popular Central African appetizers are the skinless chicken thighs (as a meat-based dish) and the bean drops. The latter is prepared from a boiled beans that are mashed together with some onion and pepper and then the paste is gradually taken with a spoon and fried in oil till it gets a golden color.

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