Centuries ago meat used to be the main food item for the people in the Central African area and probably for the people on the entire continent. Men used to hunt and fish in order to provide food for their families. Naturally, meat is a very important ingredient in the Central African cuisine being a traditional food. There are a lot of dishes that involve meat from hunted animals, but mainly there are dishes that need usual meat, such as poultry, pork, beef, and lamb. After people have discovered how to cultivate cereals and vegetables, they also have discovered how to keep animals, thus they gradually gave up hunting and started to build farms where they would breed animals imported from West Asia. One of the most popular meat dishes in the Central African Republic is the Chicken stew. Lately, this dish has become quite popular in the Western world too. The ingredients necessary to cook this dish are the chicken stewing meat, salt, black pepper, garlic, oil, chopped pepper, onions, lemon juice and tomatoes. The favorite meat dishes in this area are the ones based on beef or chicken, but there are many innovative dishes made from crocodile, monkey, antelope and warthog that are occasionally served there

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