The Central African Republic cuisine is quite unique and has started to be more and more popular world wide. The main ingredients of this cuisine are the plantains and the cassava. There are a lot of starchy foods, which are usually prepared from fermented cassava roots that are served in Central Africa together with meat and sauces. Cassava is also prepared as a green vegetable and it is very tasty in stews or even in salads. Meats in this area are divided in two categories, the hunted meats (the traditional ones) and the farm meats. There are a variety of ingredients being used in dishes, such as the spinach stew, which is made from tomatoes, peppers, chilli peppers, onions and peanut butter. Groundnut stew is another interesting dish in central Africa and it is prepared with chicken, okra, ginger and many other spices. One of the most favorite dishes in this area is, however, Bambara. This dish contains porridge made of rice, peanut butter and sugar.

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