Central African Republic snacks can usually also be served as main courses. Generally, snacks are considered to be those dishes that are spicier. People here like to eat a lot in between meals so that is why snacks have more like a meal aspect. Snacks are usually served with fresh vegetables or even with fruits so that they wash the spicy, hot flavors. Most snacks in the Central African Republic are made from meat, but one can also find a large variety of snacks that are based only on vegetables or beans. Fruits are also considered to be great snacks in this area. Thus, a fruit salad can be an excellent and refreshing dessert, but it can also be served as a snack dish. Another thing that is quite popular regarding the Central African snacks is the sauce. People here are very fond of sauces, thus most snacks and dishes here are accompanied by sauces. One of the most popular snack in Central Africa is kelewele, made from plantain cubes. The dish is prepared from plantain cubes, sprinkles with spices and then fried in oil.

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