The people of Chad are meat lovers. In Chad there are huge poultry farms. You will stumble upon many Chad meat recipes that involve chicken, lamb and fish meat as their main ingredients. Many people in Chad eat their fish smoked or fresh, while others dry it after washing it in a salt solution and drying it in the sun for days. Sun-dried fish is a delicacy in the eastern region. Most of the Chad meat dishes are made in the true traditional manner of the people of Chad. They are very delightful and mouth-watering at the same time. These meat dishes hardly require any time to prepare, and with the right amount of spices used while preparing these dishes, your Chad meat dish will turn out to be simply amazing and leave you finger licking. The recipes to the meat dishes of Chad are readily available in most bookstores as well as the Internet; this will undoubtedly make your preparation of Chad meat dishes quite easy and fun.

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