There are some really unique and tasting appetizers in the cuisine of Chile. The soups make great appetizers along with the traditional bread of Chile. Some of the appetizers can be any of the junk food treats, as well as some scrumptiously filling favourites which can be found in most of the Chilean cuisine. The empanda which is a pastry filled with pino (a distinctive combo of stewed beef and onion) or queso (cheese). The steamed huimtas which resemble the Mexican tamales de mariso (shellfish pastries) are a common favourite appetizer which can be taken as a light snack as well. There are many popular sandwich choices in the cuisine of Chile as well, which are extremely scrumptious appetizers. The drinks and beverages in the cuisine of Chile are sometimes great starters and therefore best appetizers as well. One of the most famous vegetarian appetizers is the sandwich de palta, tomate y palmito (avocado, tomato and heart of palm)

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