Some of the world’s finest and most varied seafood is yielded by the Chileans, as are many of its traditional dishes that are specialities from the sea. In the Cuisine of Chile, wine is very prominent. A few traditional dishes that are common are like the traditional cazuela, which is a clear broth with rice, potato, corn on the cob added with a piece of beef or chicken, which ever you prefer. A summer favourite among the Chileans is the delicious de choclo, mixes chicken, beef olives and vegetable in a corn casserole. Espandas are very popular snacks throughout the country. Pan amasado another scrumptious heavy bread that is baked in wood stoked ovens can be found in the Cuisines of Chile. Even though Chile is not all that famous for its meat dishes, nevertheless you can find grilled beef recipes all over the cuisine of Chile, Lomo a la pobre is a popular meat dish, it is a filling combination of steak topped with two fried eggs that is accompanied with French fries. In the cuisines of Chile you will discover that, Chile’s extraordinary varied seafood is among the world’s best. The real delicacies that are in the Chile cuisine are Chilean mariscos (shellfish), centolla (king crab) etc. There are tremendous yummy cuisines in Chile, from seafood to meat dishes to delicious desserts and beverages.

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