The desserts that you will find in the Chilean cuisine are extremely mouth-watering and lip-licking in taste. Some of the most popular Chilean desserts and pastries in the cuisine of Chile are: alfajores - pastry filled with manjar and covered in either coconut or chocolate, berlin - jelly-filled donut, borrachitos - liquor filled pastry, cabritas - popcorn, palomitas de maíz, cachos - horn shaped pastry filled with manjar, calzones rotos - fried pastry, (literally "ripped underwear") , chilenitos - pastry similar to alfajores, but covered with powdered sugar, churro - donut-like pastry rolled into a cylinder filled with manjar, cuchufli - tubular pastry filled with manjar, küchen - type of german pastry, mil hojas - multi-layered pastry or tort with manjar, panqueque - rolled crepe filled with manjar or jam, picarón - ring-shaped cruller or fritter, sopaipilla - type of flat scone made with zapallo, and the popular sopaipillas pasadas - sopaipillas covered with a sweet syrupy sauce made from chancaca, traditionally made on rainy days. The Chilean desserts are traditionally made and are extremely delicious.

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