The Chilean salads are made mostly with fresh vegetables and fruits. Most of the Chilean salads are spicy, some of them are salty. A variety of different ingredients are used to make the Chilean salads. You should not be surprised to find some of the salads garnished with sugar either. There are many delicious and delicately prepared salads in the Chilean cuisine, some of the popular ones are: pastel de papas – which is quite similar to pastel de choclo but with a layer of mashed potatoes instead of corn, and is served with either sugar or salt sprinkled on top, dulce o salado, and the favourite Chilean salad among the Chileans is the ensalada chilena - salad of well rinsed sliced onions, sliced tomatoes, vinegar, oil dressing, cilantro, and salt. Not only are the salads extremely delicious to eat but they are fun to prepare also.

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