You will find many various snacks made with a lot of delicacy in the cuisine of Chile. Chilean snacks can be any of the junk food treats sold in the infinite number of kiosks lining the streets, as well as some decently filling favorites which can be found in tiny convenience stores or delis. The empanada is a pastry usually filled with pino (a unique combo of stewed beef and onion) or queso (cheese). In coastal areas, the surfers and beachcombers thrive on empanadas de marisco (shellfish pastries). The steamed humitas resemble Mexican tamales and are a summertime favorite. Popular sandwich choices are the churrasco (steak), and the jamón y queso (ham and cheese). Combinations include the barros luco (steak with melted cheese), barros jarpa (ham with melted cheese), and the chacarero (steak, tomato, chili peppers and green beans - sounds weird, but good). A great vegetarian alternative is the sandwich de palta, tomate y palmito (avocado, tomato and heart of palm).

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