There are many vegetarian dishes found in the cuisine of Chile. Some of them are not entirely vegetarian, as traces of meat would be found in a few dishes. Nevertheless, some of the most popular vegetarian dishes in the cuisine of Chile are: chacarero - steak and vegetable sandwich, puré de papas - mashed potatoes, humitas - mashed corn wrapped in corn husks and steamed, ensalada chilena - salad of well rinsed sliced onions, sliced tomatoes, vinegar, oil dressing, cilantro, and salt, charquicán - mashed potatoes mixed with zapallo, ground beef, porotos, and corn, a lo pobre - served with fried onions and an egg. The single most popular food is a bit less healthy, el completo. This is a traditional hot dog in a bun topped with dripping piles of mayonnaise, ketchup, guacamole and tomatoes. It is the Chilean equivalent to the American peanut butter and jelly or the Australian vegemite sandwich.

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