Chinese appetizers can consist of: dumplings, crispy dishes, cookies, toasts, lotus flowers, rice, chicken wontons, pot stickers and tamari roasted nuts. The Chinese style chicken toasts are spiced up with a consistent amount of chilli, just like the fried rice. The chicken wontons with raspberry Szechuan sauce have the typical sweet and sour taste. The pot stickers are made with chicken, pork or in a vegetarian style and they are very exotic and easy to make. The lotus flowers are little fritters, similar to Chinese beignets and with a mild flavour and the roasted nuts are consumed both as an appetizer and as a sauté’s garnish. Other traditional appetizers include stuffed cucumbers that have a filling made of minced pork meat, ginger, garlic cloves, soy sauce, peanut or olive oil, chicken broth, chopped green onion and mustard and the crab meatballs, with sherry, oyster sauce, eggs, sugar and minced pork.

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