Chinese cuisine doesn’t include unhealthy food, as most of the dishes are low-calorie and low-fat. Chinese explored numerous kinds of herbs, spices, seeds, roots and plants and used them in natural traditional dishes. A Chinese traditional meal consists of carbohydrates and zhushi, or main food. The carbs are found in rice, noodles, dough and pastries based dishes and the veggies and meats are considered starch. The crispy style shrimp with sweet and sour sauce is a dish that celebrates New Year and it is served with an Asian sauce. The Cantonese is among the most famous Chinese cuisines and it is represented by seafood, poultry and the dim sum (meaning touch of heart), made of pastries and dumplings. In the province of Szechuan, garlic and onions are very much enjoyed. The traditional meals include: rice, noodles, bread, or pancakes, a meat dish, vegetable, and soup, which serves as a beverage, or the specific Chinese tea.

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