Chicken is prepared as Kung Pao chicken, chicken in peanut sauce, braised chicken with peppers (which includes brown sugar and cornstarch), simply fried, chicken with pineapple or with fried walnuts. Chicken dice in fried walnuts is prepared with dried mushrooms, shelled walnuts, cornstarch, sherry and soy sauce and has a sweet and sour taste. The same taste is also found is sweet and sour duck, but duck is also eaten as duck with fruits or ginger or the trademark of Beijing, Peking duck. Pork is the base for pork fillet with vegetables or bamboo pork. The pork and bamboo shots meal consists of lean pork, soy sauce, sherry and it is sweetened –with ginger and brown sugar. Lamb meat is cooked as stewed lamb with orange, a thick stew with cubic lamb or mutton pieces, ground ginger and finely grated orange rind. Fish is consumed steamed and assorted with rice or mix veggies and greens, with fried lettuce or pineapple fish (made with puffy dough). Shrimps are the most frequently used seafood, along with oysters, which are bases for sauces. Sweet and sour prawns are made with shrimps, rice wine and sambal oelek and the shrimps are also prepared with nuts or almonds.

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