Chinese salads are light and high in nutrients and that is why they are served as a starter. Salads are topped with dressings, such as soy sauce (which is usually replacing salt) with parsley, lime juice, sesame oil, peanuts and chillies. Vegetables salads include many potatoes salads, with mayonnaise and eggs or with rice vinegar and spicy with chilli paste. The ma la oil or the china moon is a flavoured salad, traditional for all the regions of China. Noodle salads include Chinese noodles in peanut sauce or cold noodles in sesame sauce. Meat salads are based on chicken: the Chinese chicken salad with rice sticks, named my pai fun or the chicken salad with ramen noodles. Fruits are used in exclusivist fruit salads or in mixtures, like chilled melon salad or gado gado salad, which is an Indonesian traditional meal. The peanut sauce, very frequently eaten on top of salads is made of peanut butter, sesame paste, honey and other seasonings.

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