The Chinese snacks are usually meals that contain dough, which can be made of eggs and noodles, flour and eggs, wheat or rice. The spring roulade is one of the most famous dishes and it contains the basic dough with noodles and a filling with green onions, red pepper, cubed chicken breast, soy sauce, 5 spices mixture, Cayenne pepper, small, bamboo buds, cabbage and peanut oil. Spring roll-ups can also be prepared with veggies: carrots and onions, flavoured with cumin. Dumplings are simply prepared steamed, with sugar, flour and oil or filled (jiaozy or pot sticker – shallow fried) with various aliments, including red beans, crabs with peanuts roast or minced pork meat with rice wine. A sweeter snack is represented by the almond biscuits, made with butter, eggs and granulated sugar, flour, almond essence and egg glazing. Pancakes are not necessarily sweet, as there are also the green onion pancakes, served as snacks.

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