Most of the Chinese soups are named after the vegetable names that they contain, although they are almost all based on meat, especially chicken stock. The tomatoes soup is with egg flower is prepared with onions and chicken stock and the raindrop soup is prepared with water chestnuts, scallions, sherry, chicken stock and diced cooked chicken. Some soups are heavier, as they contain various kinds of meat. The watermelon soup is made with dried mushrooms, dried bamboo shoots, green peas, lean ham, pork, chicken stock and watermelon. Noodles are found in the transparent noodles soup with beef, which contains ginger, parsley Tatar meat and sesame oil. A meatless soup is the mixed vegetable soup, which contains turnip, carrots, cabbage, cha tsai (Chinese pickles), pea sprouts and tomatoes. An original soup recipe is the tofu soup with Chinese chestnuts, made with soy sauce, canned chestnuts and small canned mushrooms, olive oil, maple syrup and fruit vinegar.

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