Chinese people enjoy their specific spiced and bite sized meat meals, so there are not many Chinese vegetarian. Still, the Chinese Buddhist cuisine integrates such meals. Rice with vegetable garnish or steamed veggies are very popular, among with the steamed bread. Besides regular veggies and greens, the bamboo buds and soy embryos are very important in these kinds of dishes: lettuce with pineapple salad and sour-sweet sauce, mushroom stew, curries veggies, steamed or pot fried cauliflower with bamboo, or mango with assorted vegetable mixture. The tofu is consumed regularly by the vegetarians: the vegetables and tofu contains curly cabbage, bamboo buds, sugar, garlic, both green and red pepper, white pepper, sesame, soy germs, water (or chicken broth for the non vegetarian meal) and smooth Chinese mushrooms. Rice is also consumed in wide amounts, especially combined with highly flavoured aliments, such as: almonds and various nuts, garlic, green onions or champignon mushrooms

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