There might not be many desserts found in the Congo cuisine. For the most part, dessert is not a part of the traditional Congo meal. At large gatherings and celebrations multiple desserts from the Congo cuisine are prepared in the region. Cakes, pies, or ice-creams at the end of the meal are not the “Congo” style in the strictest sense of the word. Arabs, Asians, Europeans and Indians who have lived in the region for generations have brought their own traditions of sweets and desserts, which are all well known in the region. The most strictly “Congo” recipes of desserts are the Fruit Salad, or just plain fruit which is sometimes served with the main course of the meal. The people of Congo love sweet foods such as fresh fruits and raw sugarcane. One of the most popular Congo Dessert is the Caakiri which is a dessert made from couscous and cream. Ngalakh, which is a similar sweet dish is also popular that is flavoured with the fruit of the Baobab tree. Kanyah, Coconut Pie and Fool are also a few renowned desserts in the Congo cuisine.

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