Meat dishes are very popular among the people of Congolese. The meat is mainly derived from animal flesh, except fish or fowl. In Congo, the meat is mostly beef from cattle or wild game (bushmeat). A few of the very popular meat dishes that you will find in the Congo cuisine are, Beef & Greens in Peanut Sauce, Beef in Cumin Sauce, Beef in Wild, Mango Kernel Sauce, Boko-Boko, Brochettes, Coupé-Coupé, Domoda, Kitoza, Liboké de, Viande, Mafé, Matoke, Mbika with Meat, Mishkaki, Moambé Stew, Mtori, Ndizi na Nyama, Nyama Choma, Oluwombo, Ribs & Eggplant in Peanut Sauce, Sukuma Wiki, Suya, Tanzanian Meat Stew,and the Wild Boar in Groundnut Sauce. These are some of the few popular meat dishes. Some of them are very easy to cook, whereas some of them take sometime as the meat needs to get tender. Nevertheless, these meat dishes are extremely traditonal and very unique. If you have the taste for Congo cuisine, then you will surely enjoy most of these delicious meast dishes from the Congo Cuisine.

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