You will find some really traditional and lip-licking recipes in the Congo cuisine. From the popular meat dish recipes, soup recipes snack recipes to delicious vegetable recipes. Some of the most popular recipes to scrumptious meat dishes that you will find will be like the, Beef and Greens in Peanut Sauce, Beef in Cumin sauce, Boko-Boko, Coupé-Coupé, Domoda, Kitoza etc. In the vegetable category some very uniquely made dishes can be found. The vegetable and side category contains recipes that use little or no meat, fish, fowl, or use them more as a seasoning than as a main ingredient in the cuisine. These dishes maybe served as side dishes in a Western-style meal; in Congo these dishes, along with a staple food or Fufu-like dish often constitute an entire meal. There are many recopies to some really delicately prepared salads as well as soups, that are readily available in the Cuisine of Congo and you will certainly enjoy cooking your Congo meal!

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