The snack food category in the Congo Cuisine has recipes for dishes that are regarded as the “Congo Fast food”, or sometimes finger-food. You can cook them and prepare them for breakfast or simply snacks. Many of the snack food recipes that you will find in the Congo Cuisine are deep-fried, while the typical Congo main course is most likely to be stewed in a pot. The typical traditional Congo meal is soup or stew that is served with a staple without any side dishes. Nevertheless, Fried Plantains and grilled Corn on the Cob are two very popular snacks in the Congo cuisine. Some other renowned snacks in the Congo cuisine are, Akara, Caakri, Coconut Pie, Congo Bars, Dabo Kolo, Fool, Fritters, Fruit Salad,Kanyah, Kashata, Koki, Kola Nut, Mandazi, Moyin-Moyin, Ngalakh and Sugar Peanuts. The ingredients to these snacks are commonly found in any food departmental store. These snacks are very easy to make and are not very time-consuming while preparing them either.

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