There are several very unique recipes in the Congo cuisine for vegetarians. The vegetable and side dish category contains dishes that use little or no meat, fish or fowl at all. Sometimes they are used for seasoning but hardly as a main ingredient in the vegetable dishes of the Congo cuisine. The vegetable dishes are either spiced up or boiled in some recipes. Some of the most common and popular vegetable dishes of the Congo cuisine are: Adalu, Aloco, Beans and Rice, Boiled and Mashed Vegetables, Breadfruit, Feuilles de, Manioc, Fool Medames, Futari, Gari Foto, Githeri, Greens in Peanut Sauce, Greens with Green Pepper, Ifisashi, Irio, Kachumbari, Kelewele. Koko na Nyama, Kosheri, Kpwem, Maharagwe, Mbaazi wa Nazi, Mchuzi wa Biringani, Mfumbwa, Moroko, Njamma-jamma, Okra & Greens, Plantains in Coconut Milk, Plantains in Palm Oil, Red-Red,and the Saka-Madesu. Most of these dishes are easily cooked without much of a hassel, and they are truly very scrumptious indeed! The people of Congo use fresh vegetables while cooking their traditional vegetarian dishes.

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