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<p style="font-variant: small-caps; text-align: center; margin-bottom:.2em; font-size: 105%;">'''[[:Category:Costa Rican Recipes|Browse All Costa Rican Recipes]]''':
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[[:Category:Costa Rican Appetizers|Costa Rican Appetizers]] | [[:Category:Costa Rican Beverages|Costa Rican Beverages]] | [[:Category:Costa Rican Soups|Costa Rican Soups]] | [[:Category:Costa Rican Salads|Costa Rican Salads]] | [[:Category:Costa Rican Vegetarian|Costa Rican Vegetarian]] | [[:Category:Costa Rican Meat Dishes|Costa Rican Meat Dishes]] | [[:Category:Costa Rican Snacks|Costa Rican Snacks]] | [[:Category:Costa Rican Desserts|Costa Rican Desserts]]
[[Category:Costa Rican]][[Category:Costa Rican_Recipes]]
[[Category:Costa Rican Recipes]]
[[Category:Central American Appetizers]]

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