There are many Costa Rican desserts in the cuisine of Costa Rica. They are made in complete delicacy and are extremely joyful to prepare, serve and eat. Some of the most popular Costa Rican desserts are: cono capuchino - an ice-cream cone topped with chocolate, dulce de leche - syrup of boiled milk and sugar. Also thicker, fudge like cajeta - delicious! Flan - cold caramel custard, mazamorra - corn starch pudding, melcocha - candy made from raw sugar, milanes - chocolate candies, pan de maiz - corn sweet bread, queque seco - pound cake, and the famous torta chilena - multilayered cake filled with dulce de leche. All these desserts are exceptionally mouth watering and extremely lip-licking. They are easy to make and a delight to serve and eat. you can find these recipes almost every where and they are diliousce too!

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