There are a few but great tasting Costa Rican salads in the cuisine of Costa Rica. Some of the most popular salads that you will find in the cuisine of Costa Rica are: Ensalada de Chayote, this is a vegetable and pear salad, Ensalada de Palmito, better known as the heart of Palm Salad, Ensalada de Repollo y Atun, this is a Tune filled with cabbage salad and the most famous, salad in the cuisine of Costa Rica is the Ensalada Rusa, that is a Costa Rican style of a Russian salad. The Costa Rican salads are truly very unique and very mouth savoring. They are easy to make and are great to serve alongside the main course meal. The ingredients required for most of the Costa Rican salads are readily available in most of the food departmental stores. You will surely enjoy preparing your Costa Rican Salads as they are quite unique and great to serve as well as eat.

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