In the cuisine of Costa Rica, you will notice that the locals in the region simply love snacks. There is a huge variety of sandwiches and snacks available in the category of Costa Rican snacks. They are quick to make, very nutritious and enjoyable to serve in a small gathering of friends and family. Arreglados are a little meat filled sandwiches, as are the popular tortas that are commonly served on tiny little rolls with a bit of salad tucked into them. Other snacks such as the tacos, tamales and empanadas (turnovers) are also quite common and favorites in the cuisine of Costa Rica. Gallos are perhaps by far the most popular snacks that you will find in the cuisine of Costa Rica. All of these snacks are quite easy to make and a delight to have if you have the right ingredients and are ready to be a little more of a creative chef. These snacks are hardly time consuming to prepare and undoubtedly you and your friends will thrive on the sheer delicacy of these snacks.

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