==The most representative desserts of Cyprus are the ones based on fruits and pastries with syrup. There is the loukoumades, which are similar to doughnuts, but prepared with a lot of honey and the daktyla, which includes nuts and cinnamon flavoring. Honey is also used for the pastellaki, which is ​​a snack prepared with sesame, peanut and honey syrup. Other pastries are the galatopoureko, which also contains a thick cream and the kolokoti, which is in a triangle shape and contains pumpkin and raisins. Other desserts include pears, apples, oranges, grapes, nectarines, black berries, melon, citrus fruits, pistachio, chestnut, walnut and hazelnut and the Turkish delights, such as lokum (a flavored gelatin with powdered sugar).

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