The basis of the Czech cuisine is of course meat, pork, beef, veal, fish, goose and even duck, and prepared in all sorts of ways. The traditional Czech meal includes roast pork, goose or duck, with dumplings and cabbage, beef sirloin in cream sauce, pork schnitzel and goulash. A regular meal starts with soup (polévka) as the first course, usually very thick and rich soups, and sometimes stews. The eating ritual continues with the second course, meat based. The national dish is considered to be roast pork with dumplings and sauerkraut, and will be served with most occasions. Side dishes are served with sauces (omáčka), stews and pieces of stake, and can go from potato pancakes, to mash or baked potato, dumplings, rice and even bread. As for the sweet meals, the kolače is the famous Czech dish, and the fruit dumplings or buns with filling are a great choice for a dessert.

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