Meat is of course the main ingredient of most Czech dishes. Fatty and rich meals are a common thing, pork and beef being the main meats used in the cooking process. Seafood is not very often used or prepared, mainly because the country is landlocked. But still, fresh water fish is available all over the country, and the national Christmas dish is made with fresh water carp. Some of the most important dishes that contain meat, are the roast pork with dumplings and sauerkraut (vepřová knedlíky zelí), and the goulash (gulaš), a dish similar to the Hungarian version of the goulash, but with more onions and less paprika. Roasted goose (husa) and roasted duck (kachna) are also popular dishes, as well as the smoked pork pancake. Influenced by the German cuisine, the breaded veal cutlet (řízek) is the Wiener schnitzel version usually served with mash potatoes. Meat stews are also common in the Czech cuisine, and prepared with a lot of onions as the main condiment.

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