There are many local and exotic fruits in Ecuador, fruits which are used in various meals, from desserts to main courses and garnishes: avocado, artichokes, raspberries, strawberries, pineapples, and papaya are available all year long. Among the most famous dishes, there are the: ceviche (with black clam, red crabs, white flesh fish, lobster or sea-snail), ocro de papa or potatoes soup and the humitas, known as the local tamales. The Ecuadorian cuisine depends on the items that are available in the specific region: on the coast, plenty of seafood dishes can be found, while in Andes, more soups, potatoes and pork are eaten. Tuna is used for the encebollado soup, with yellow tuna and yuca and served after drinking alcohol. The potatoes are used in Sierra as llapingachos (smashed potatoes with achiote, cheese, sausages, avocado, and lettuce) or as locro, a soup made of potatoes, milk, and cheese and served with avocado.

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