The Ecuadorian desserts, which are locally named postres, include many kinds of sweets, from sweet pastries to pies and fruit salads or fruit mixes, syrups, jams and butter based dough’s. The sweet pastries are consumed as snacks, like the llapinaghos (a sort of pancakes). The pumpkin is also used for pies or cakes, such as the torta de zapallo. Coconut and other exotic fruit are used in mixed desserts, such as the bien me sabe, which literally translated means “it tastes good to me”. Both the fruit pulp and its juice are highly exploited in the esnsaladas for the exotic sweet flavor. There are many fruit salads, made with mangos, coconuts, bananas, citruses and some of them are originally combined with meat, such as the beef in fruit salad and sauce: carne con salsa y ensalada de frutas.

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