Soups are eaten at any hour in Ecuador, as the first course. Ecuadorian soups contain consistent vegetables and fruits and they can be made thick or thin and liquid. A traditional Ecuadorian soup is the sope de tomates con plantanos, meaning tomatoes soup with bananas. This soup contains peeled and chopped tomatoes, chicken stock, vegetable oil finely chopped onion, cornstarch, white pepper, grated coconut and ripe bananas. Locro de papa, or potatoes soup is very specific to all South America. This soups is simple and easy to prepare, with papas (potatoes), ajo (garlic), cebolla roja (red onion), milk, butter and surprisingly, avocado. Sometimes, this recipe also includes cheese. Fish soups are also common, like the chupe de pescado. A much heavier soup is the famous calso de Manguera, made with pork intestines, stuffed with blood and rice. Also, there is a soup which contains boiled cow hooves, which is believed to increase virility for men.

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