Soup is called shorbat in Middle Eastern countries. You really don't want to skimp on the spices when preparing these as that is what makes them authentic to Egypt. Examples of simple Egyptian soups are listed here.

  • Chorba- is like a minestrone. It is a tomato based soup with lentils and veggies. It hails from Morocco, so expect a burst a flavor with blends of spices. Chorba is a popular Ramadan food.
  • Bamia - Meat and Okra Stew in Tomato SauceBamia a stew with lamb or beef cubes and okra in a tomato sauce base. This recipe for bamia is very simple. You can make it vegetarian by omitting the meat.
  • Fasulia Green Bean and Meat Stew-Fasulia is a green bean and meat stew. Lamb or beef stewmeat is used with a tomato stew base. The spices make this a delicious stew, especially on cold days.

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