The country of Estonia has been invaded by many nations throughout the centuries yet always maintaining its identity autonomously. The Estonians adapted the foreign cultural concepts of the invaders and blended them with their own, including cooking concepts. Because many of the ingredients were found only locally, Estonian cuisine preserved its individuality. The proud and strong people of Estonia have used local ingredients and have changed preparation methods, in order to improve taste. Although are many flavorful and succulent Estonian dishes, due to appearance the dishes are often not truly appreciated by tourists. Many non-locals and visitors value the name and the presentation of the food over taste. Unfortunately, this is how they miss some real delicacies! Estonian cuisine is truly a complete journey of flavor and texture, encompassing recipes for all formal courses of a meal: appetizers, soups, meat dishes, salads, snacks and desserts. Enjoy exploring this unique and original fare. Let us know what you think and drop us a line in review.

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