In this material we are going to talk about the importance of fat free recipes in anyone’s life. Eating fat free is very important for your health and also for your figure. Most people have the wrong idea that eating healthy means to give up on delicious meals and deserts. That is not true! There are a lot of fat free recipes that keep the taste of regular food, but in the same time, they considerably reduce, if not totally eliminate the fat and also, why not, the guilt. You can lose those few extra pounds by eating a healthier diet with fewer calories. It is also very important for you to understand that the physical activity is considered to be extremely important by any dietitian.

The first step that you should take when starting a diet is to reduce the quantity of the fat and saturated fat that you eat. This way you will definitely eat less calories. You should be very careful with what you eat and you should have in mind that not every fat free food is also low in calories. There are, in fact, fat free products that are higher in calories because of the sugars that are added to them. Remember that only those fat free recipes that prescribe you to eat only the same amount of food as you usually eat work. For example, if you eat twice as much sugar free sweets as u would regular cookies you actually eat more calories than usually. We are now going to list a few false-friend products that you should be aware of when looking over fat free recipes:

  • low fat peanut butter (2 Tbsp) – 187 calories and the regular peanut butter, same amount, - 191 calories
  • the same thing goes for: chocolate chip (30 g 118 – 142)
  • fig cookies (30 g 102 – 111)
  • vanilla ice cream (½ cup 111 – 133)
  • caramel topping (2 Tbsp 103 – 103)
  • cereal bar (1.3 oz 130 – 140).

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