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Fiji cuisine is very diverse and felt many influences over the years due to its multicultural background. Fiji cuisine covers to many recipes for us to mention them here, but still here are just few of the most famous ones :

Fijian Coconut Chutney - can be served as a dessert, appetizer and sometimes even as a snack. It’s a light dish made with fresh grated coconut, freshly chopped coriander. Root ginger lemon juice and green chilli. Usually this is served as an accompaniment to the Indian curry.

Kkoda - it’s a fine soup made with fish fillets either Mahi-Mahi, Cod or Halibut fish. For seasoning usually Fijian people use green chilli, onion, very finely chopped or minced, coconut cream and tomatoes.

Fijian Meat Balls - a very stodgy main course made with minced beef, white breadcrumbs, black pepper, onion, beef stock, curry powder and tomato juice. It is cooked in vegetable oil and butter and that gives it a special flavour.

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