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Filipino desserts and sweets are very much appreciated among the people of the Philippines, and are usually served after every important meal. Sometimes, even main courses will contain sweet ingredients like coconut milk, ginger, and cinnamon. Among the preferred deserts, puddings are a great Filipino choice and can have different flavors according to personal tastes. A regular pudding is made of ground rice, sugar and coconut milk. When preparing a Bibingka pudding, duck eggs are the basic ingredient. Chicory, coco and cinnamon are elements of Guinatan pudding which is topped with coconut cream. Other choices include macapuno (thick dessert jam), exotic fruit mixture with milk, stacked under shaved ice, called halo-halo, and the Sago at Nata de coco, a blend of sago and coconut gelatin or nata de coco served cold in a glass. Brown rice cake is also a delicious option made from brown sugar and served with coconut flakes.

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