Recipes in the Filipino cuisine can vary from one region to another, mainly in sauces, pastes and garnishes. Rice however, is usually served as a side dish to main courses and is prepared in the same way all over the country. For the chicken and pork adobo, a national dish, you will simply serve the rice with the actual course, made from chicken and pork (cubes of meat-Chinese style) which is prepared in distillated white vinegar, peeled and crushed garlic, bay leaves, freshly ground pepper, soy sauce and olive oil. Recipes that don’t have rice as a side dish are usually the soups. For the mussel soup mussels are needed still in shell, ginger root, peeled and sliced into julienne strips, sliced onions, spinach leaves, salt and pepper. More elaborated recipes are the ones showing how to prepare lumpia with sweet potatoes, or mechado, a Filipino beef stew.

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The following recipes are traditional Filipino dishes and some of the more popular authentic Filipino recipes.

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