Snacks in the Filipino cuisine are actually called merienda and have a special particular time of the day when they are served. In-between lunch and dinner, around four or five a clock, the meriendas are served with different beverages and there are a lot of snacks to choose from. Among them, you could serve the buttery sweet bread rolls with cheese, stir-fried noodles, pastries with minced pork, or peas and sweet raisins. Spicy and tangy stew of pork in blood and seasoned hotdogs and chicken intestines are some of the hot and spicy snacks. A popular warm snack is the taho, a soft benacurd with dark syrup and tapioca balls. Sweet snacks such as pastries filled with bean paste, sweet hot rice cakes with salted eggs and melted cheese, are very much appreciated. Sticky rice sticks wrapped in banana or palm leaves, and sweet steamed rice flour muffins, are great as sweet snacks as well.

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